The Organisation

Sundridge Village Community Land Trust Limited  (Company number 11621511) will be run by its members through public meetings and General and Annual General Meetings.  Membership will be open to individuals living in or with an interest in the village of Sundridge

The Community Land Trust is holding regular public meetings during the period that planning permission is being sought.  At the next public meeting local residents will be invited to become members.

All major decisions thereafter will be made at General Meetings by members voting on the major policy decisions.

All meetings will be publicised in the Village News and on public notice boards and this website.

The notice period for an Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting called for the passing of a special resolution is twenty-one clear days.  All other General Meetings require fourteen clear days.

The governance and detailed rules of the Community Land Trust (CLT) are laid down in the Articles of Association which clearly state that the CLT objectives are for the benefit of the residents of Sundridge and no benefit should accrue to any other persons other than the Trust.