Our Objectives

Our  Objective is to deliver a mixed use housing scheme, including flats of 1 and 2 bed units; houses and terraces of 3-4 bed units and units for senior citizens. The proposal is for a 50/50 split of market and affordable housing, grouped in a meandering, informal plan layout surrounded by a water landscape carved out of the surrounding land as the central “village street” and enclosing residential units.

A Sundridge Village housing needs analysis, completed in July 2018, identified a need for up to 22 affordable homes.  This included 11 single people, 5 couples and 3 families with 18 households currently living in Sundridge and 1 living outside

The survey also identified a requirement for 12 homes for older households (3 affordable).  This included 4 single people and 8 couples with 11 households currently living in Sundridge and 1 living outside.

In addition we are seeking to develop:

  • 1 two storey medical centre
  • 1 two storey village hall/ sports pavilion/social club
  • 1 two storey senior residence and a social area
  • Sports facilities
  • Car parking spaces